by Michael Arnstein

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Teeth on the Fruitarian Diet

A lot of people are wondering what The Fruitarian's teeth look like? Fruit has a lot of sugar in it, doesn’t it? If you have so much fruit in your mouth all the time – wouldn’t it just dissolve your teeth?

Well, I haven’t had any dental problems at all in the last 2.5 years since adopting a strict fruitarian diet.

So, where did the myth of fruits rotting our teeth away come from?

I think it came from people transitioning to the fruitarian diet that already had existing dental problems, and also from people eating too much fat, nuts and seeds, avocados, dried fruit, unripe fruit, and/or going back and forth to cooked foods.

If you are transitioning to the fruitarian diet and experiencing teeth sensitivity or any other teeth problems – take a good look at your diet and see if anything from the above could be the reason. Have faith that after a couple of years your teeth and gums will become stronger than ever before, but also consider the following tips:

1. Make sure that no more than 10% of your daily caloric intake is coming from fat (overt as well as covert). Blood sugar imbalances caused by a high fat diet can result in teeth sensitivity and demineralization. If you have blood sugar issues — it’s the best to temporarily forgo overt fats completely.

2. If you have a history of candida – focus on monomeals. Efficient digestion will help to starve off the candida and your teeth will feel stronger.

3. If you have any current teeth problems or sensitivity, try to minimize the amount of time your teeth are subjected to the acids — don’t snack or drink smoothies all day long, try to eat meals instead of grazing.

4. Acidic fruits have acids in them, which can harm your teeth, if you eat too many too often. Go easy on citrus, pineapples, kiwis, pomegranates and such.

5. Don’t ever eat unripe fruits.

6. Dried fruits will stick to your teeth and create breeding grounds for bacteria. If you choose to eat dried fruit – make sure that you thoroughly clean your teeth afterwards. The ancient Egyptians had the worst teeth in human history because they ate so many dates and other dried fruits that stuck to their teeth.

7. Nuts and seeds create an acidic mouth environment, which can harm your teeth.

8. Try eating plain greens with nothing on them after a meal of sweet fruit. Greens will clean the teeth of sugar and make enamel feel stronger.

9. Don’t brush right after meals especially after eating acidic fruits as acid softens the enamel.

10. Use a water irrigator to clean your teeth. You can use it right after meals with no risk of damaging enamel.

11. Floss each time you feel you need to, but at least once a day.

12. Don’t use teeth whitening chemicals as they further damage the enamel.

13. Don’t use any toothpaste containing abrasive components.

14. Don’t go back and forth to cooked foods, even to steamed greens. Many people find that their teeth react very negatively and become even more sensitive.

If you’re up to following this advice, tell the dentist to put away his paint and his pliers. You won’t need them — or him at all.


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