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My Family

My wife Victoria and I have 3 children, Sam, Nancy & Charlotte.

Vicky and I met 1998 while I was a traveling salesman going door-to-door showing gemstones to jewelry stores around the USA. 

Vicky worked as a saleswoman in a shop on Madison Avenue.  We hit it off, and a year later, in 1999 we were married in Brooklyn, NY.

I was 22 years old, Vicky was 27, we bought a small studio apartment in Manhattan with a 10% down payment ($6000.) and I put the rest of my savings into starting an internet business.

A year after we were married when I was 23 years old Sam was born, a year later Nancy showed up.  Four years later Charlotte came along. 

We moved to the suburbs outside of NYC in 2003, I worked my butt off, Vicky did too raising the kids at home.  
We all gained weight, lost touch with our fit and youthful young adult lives, and then in 2005 we said we had enough!
I went back into running searching for some fitness glory lost after my storied high school years; Vicky took up her sneakers with me and we been running long distances ever since!

In 2007 Vicky introduced me to the wonderful world of fruit-based-diets,
The wealth of health and fitness eating a fruitarian diet gave me the idea and confidence to create The Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2011

In 2013 we moved from New York to Hawaii after we both fell in love with the wondrous tropical paradise on the island of Oahu.  I continued to travel regularly back to New York for work while telecommuting daily through the amazing evolution of cloud hosting that was growing rapidly in the IT world.
In 2015 my son Sam and I began full time homeschooling when he was 15 years old.  I had the most incredible experience of being not only a father but a full time teacher to my son.

We spent every day together, at home or traveling the world, teaching him all about life on the outside the classroom.
Our incredible home schooling journey lasted 3 years and culminated in Sam's final exam; a surprise challenge:

Travel around the world alone, with only your Google phone and a backpack; each day undertaking new challenges before progressing to the next country en route back home.  After 5 weeks of nonstop moving and fantastic obstacles and adventures, Sam completes the round-the-world-solo-challenge.

We wrote a book about his experiences and self published on Amazon/Kindle, the book:

2018 Sam joins me in working full time in New York and is fully submerged in joining the work force full time.

My wife Victoria and my two daughters Nancy and Charlotte are very passionate and involved in all things theater-and-entertainment.  

2019 Nancy will graduate high school after achieving exceptional grades all through her school years.
She's a nonstop workaholic like her father, involved in so many projects, job and group activities, she doesn't have a minute to spare.  She plans to move to California and pursue all her dreams.

Charlotte will enter high school soon.  She's a blend of both her parents, passionate, creative, personable, organized, focused, hard working, determined and fun!  She loves school, always on time, does her school work and a wonderful friend.  She loves her dog Jackson the most in the family!

Vicky is actively involved in comedy/entertainment, working at some of the most famous clubs and studios in New York and Honolulu.

More to come...

Social media can be an entertaining yet time consuming way to share family and social experiences, I’ve chosen to limit social media in my life due to my busy lifestyle.
Below I’ve shared some pictures of family and friends.

My son Sam finishing his round the world trip at 16 years old


A Home Schooling Adventure Story

When Sam was 14 years old he and I decided to enter a homeschooling adventure together. Over a 3+ year period Sam and I worked together to grow from distant father-son relationship, to the best of friends and enriching each other’s lives greatly. BearZilla is the culmination of Sam’s experience undertaking the ultimate homeschool challenge. An original, once in a lifetime experience of Sam’s solo trip around the world at just 16 years old.

Purchase on Amazon:

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