by Michael Arnstein

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Pesticide Risks in Conventional Fruit, B12 and My Father’s Parkinson’s Disease

One of the driving motivators in changing my diet was seeing my father suffer with Parkinson's Disease. Seeing his health fade away scared me like few other challenges that I've had to face in my life.

The causes of Parkinson’s Disease is something that the medical community hasn’t discovered. There is very limited definitive research that points to any one cause. Current research points to contributing factors being emotional stress, chemicals found in food, particularly pesticides in fruits and vegetables and diets high in dairy.

Researching the causes of Parkinson’s Disease has pushed me to try and eat much more organic produce and lower my emotional stress at work and home life. I also started to get regular blood work done to monitor any health issues; most recently my B12 levels were low, so I’m now taking B12 supplementation.

I’m hopeful that including much more organic produce in my diet will result in higher B12 levels without the need for B12 pills. I still believe the best way to assure health is through a fruit based diet, all organic if possible.

The thought that I could have been poisoning myself through eating massive quantities of pesticide treated conventional fruit has shaken me to my core.

Eating Organic is now a major priority for me. Longer term growing my own food in a low stress tropical environment is inevitable in my journey as a true fruitarian…how fast I make these changes is something I struggle with daily.


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