by Michael Arnstein

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Part 2 of my lecture on Ultra Running recorded at The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2011

In this 2nd part lecture series on the extreme sport of ultra running I outline various 'devices' I use to assist in training, recovery and injury prevention or cure.

The following points and details will be covered at the following times during the video: 1:35 Hoka One One ultra running shoes, downhill, trail and extra long distance events 5:30 Back brace 7:20 Electric Massage tool vs traditional massage 9:10: IT Band issues, firm roller 11:00 Ultrasound! MUST HAVE! 14:35 LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy – amazing device! 19:10 EMS electrical muscle stimulator 22:40 Revmaster bike with POWERCRANKS, a game-changer training device 27:50 Mindfold mask, sleep device 29:20 Stress Fracture healing with a bone stimulator 30:00 Frigos underwear for men, indispensable running shorts, a must try! Put in ‘ARNSTEIN’ at checkout and you get a 40% discount! 33:00 Ice Bath, experience and thoughts 34:45 Melatonin sleep cycle adjustment aid 36:20 Disposable heating pads for use during training and races 37:30 Headlamp recommendations 38:55 Gaitors 39:50 Waterbottles and bottles vs camelback water backpacks 41:00 Garmin 310xt GPS Watch 42:00 Injinji Sock – A MUST HAVE product for ultra runners 43:50 The principle of doing ‘destination races’ 45:00 Compression socks 45:30 Hamstring issues, achilles issues, hip problems; solved with a VERSAFLEX 48:45 plantar fasciitis: get one of these!


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