by Michael Arnstein

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How to Eliminate Body Odor!

When you eat a Fruitarian Diet – your body smells as it should: Clean!

If you eat cooked foods, and/or onions, garlic, spices, oil, vinegar and even raw meat products — you are going to smell! There are so many products that are sold to us as ‘necessities’ for daily hygiene. These products are created just to cover the odor that comes from your body when you consume foods that rot and smell in your body. What is an odor that comes from your body? It’s your body trying to get rid of something. On a fruitarian diet you become so sensitive that you can actually smell a meat eater. Just think about a road kill sitting on the side of the road – the smell is awful, you instinctively gag at the smell and sight of it. Your core temperature is about 100F and you keep food in your body for 12 to 48 hours or more. Try this experiment: Put any milk products in a pot and keep it at a hundred degrees for 12 hours – it is going to smell, then mix in the pot a huge variation of other cooked foods, from fried onions, garlic, fish, meat, doritos, beans, soda…and keep it all moving for 12+ hours at 100F, and cover the pot really tightly so it’s air tight. Yea, it’s gonna smell like your shit — and just imagine putting this cooked crap in your body — seriously, get in touch with what you are putting inside of yourself! If you keep an orange at a hundred degrees for an hour or 3 days in a closed pot– it will still smell like orange or not smell at all. So, if you pass gas and it stinks like a rancid dead animal – that’s what in your intestines. When I pass gas (which doesn’t happen very often because I don’t eat anything that compromises my digestion) – it doesn’t have any smell at all! It’s a subject that people don’t want to talk about. But hey, if you are a fruitarian, you don’t smell. I have no odor. It’s one of the benefits and one of the amazing things that you realize when you become a fruitarian — you are clean inside and outside, through and through. Some people are hygienic freaks, but if you really want to be clean – the inside of your body has to be clean too.


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