by Michael Arnstein

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Fruitarianism and a 50 Mile Run

After you stay on a Fruitarian diet for some time — you will gradually notice that your perception of reality literally transforms. You will start seeing things differently.

Colors will become brighter and more intense. You will feel deeply connected to nature. Your digestion load will lighten to an effortless purity. You will begin to experience more life. You will discover and start trusting your inborn intuition. Instead of living by the accepted rules you will realize that you have your own answers. Your thoughts will transform. You will notice that you hardly ever experience fear, anxiety, worry or anger. You will have enough energy to spread your love and compassion to ever widening circles. You will notice that your mental and physical perceptions are sharpened and your thinking is crystal clear. Occasionally you will feel as if you are living in a different dimension from most people and from where you used to live. At times you will feel that you are literally high… Today I ran 50 miles in 95F heat and it was easy. I ran as if I was a natural wild animal in nature, just doing what I was born to do, in perfect health, in perfect harmony, and on nothing but fresh natural fruits! Am I high, or just experiencing how we should all feel naturally all the time?


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