by Michael Arnstein

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Attention Athletes: Fat Slows You Down! Lose the Fat or Lose!

The biggest factor in athletic performance is body composition.

If you are in a sport that requires agility, speed, endurance, reaction time – if your body fat is more than 5% as a male or 10% as a female – you are never going to reach your peak performances. The greatest runners of all times, the greatest Olympians of all time – they all reached their peak performances when they were at their lowest body fat. Period. There are 2 ways to achieve low body fat: 1) You can calorie restrict – where you eat less calories than you expend, so that you lose weight. And then when you get to a low body fat – you try to eat just as many calories as you expend so you don’t put the fat back on. But this is very hard to do. 2) You can eat diet comprised of all 100% raw fruits and vegetables. You can eat as much watermelon as you want, or as many oranges as you want, and your body can’t store it as body fat or has a very hard time storing it as fat. I’ve tried both approaches. I’ve tried calorie restriction diets, which will make you feel miserable being hungry all the time. Calorie restriction diets work, but they suck, and they are not sustainable in my opinion. You will be mentally, emotionally and physically very aggravated. It’s very hard to stop eating. And I’ve tried fruitarianism which has worked very very well for me. I eat so many calories from fruits and vegetables and I don’t every put on more than 5% body fat, no matter how much I eat. The training is in the kitchen, guys!


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