by Michael Arnstein

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A True Natural Diet

To try to understand health and diet it is important to get out and experience it in person.

So much of what we know is taught to us but we don’t actually experience it for ourselves. Look at horses – they are so powerful! They have perfect muscle tone, beautiful hair and eyes. They seem to be in perfect health, and what do they do all day? They exercise and eat grass! Look at all the other animals in nature – they all eat natural raw foods. They eat one thing at a time and as much as they want. Look at how fit and healthy they are. But you know what really fascinates me? There are only a few creatures that have an ability to travel huge distances on little food. This horse can walk, or trot at a slow pace for hours, maybe 8 to 10 hours. Then he is going to get tired and stop. But did you know that humans have greater endurance than almost any other land animal in the world! Humans can run for as long as 24 hours without any rest. I myself ran as much as 18 hours without any rest, eating nothing but raw fruit. Raw food guys! That’s what every other creature on the planet is eating. It’s what provides perfect health. No supplements, no condiments, no oils or overt fats, just natural fruits and raw plants from mother earth! We all have strong muscles. It’s just unfortunate that so many people have them hidden under all that body fat from processed cooked foods. Fruitarianism works!


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