by Michael Arnstein

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What’s in a name?

LFRV, Fruitarian, Raw, 811, Raw Vegan - I AM FRUITARIAN

For a long time I was a bit uncomfortable with using the term/definition: Fruitarian. A lot of people told me that I couldn’t call myself a Fruitarian because I ate raw plants that weren’t defined as fruits, like greens, vegetables. Yet I’ve always been eating about 80% or more of my calories from Fruit — I feel like I’m a Fruitarian. If enough people agree on a definition to anything, that ‘thing’ becomes that agreed definition. I want to see ‘Fruitarian’ as a mainstream term. I believe ‘Fruitarian’ is the best way to describe how I eat, I also believe ‘Fruitarian’ has the greatest marketing potential for a much larger audience. It seems that there is some momentum building towards this dream of mine, because today (August 2, 2011) Dole Inc. released a video on their website (and to their 5+ million subscribers) about The Fruitarian Diet. I have had enough of calling my diet, LFRV, Raw Foodist, and other terms that don’t have a future in drawing in a unified definition and marketing potiential for the masses. 10 years ago very few people knew what a ‘Vegan’ was. Today it’s the buzz word for being ‘green’, ‘ethical’, and ‘healthy’. It’s time to take it to the next level folks. I eat a Fruitarian Diet. On Dole’s website:


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