by Michael Arnstein

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What is Fruitarianism?

Maybe Steve Jobs had it right… ‘Think different.’ (Steve Jobs was widely known to practice a fruitarian diet)

Most of us like labels. They give us a way to quantify, structure and define who we are as individuals. But just as Steve Jobs thought differently, so can you!

So what is Fruitarianism anyway? Who sets the rules on what is a fruit, or vegetable? Where do berries and flowers fall in the mix, or can they? Tomato or Tomat-o? Fruit or Vegetable? (Legally speaking tomatoes are vegetables, even though they are considered fruits by botanists). Here are some common definitions associated with a Fruitarian diet: Wikipedia: Fruitarianism involves the practice of following a diet that includes fruits, nuts and seeds, without animal products, vegetables and grains. a person whose diet consists chiefly of fruit. person of extreme dietary discipline who eats only the reproductive offshoots of plants. People whose diet consists of 75% or more fruit. The fruitarian diet consists of RAW fruit and seeds ONLY!

What does Michael Arnstein consider a fruitarian diet?

Well, over the last 5 years I’ve swayed in my own thoughts on what it means to eat a fruitarian diet, but generally I believe the following: First, Fruitarianism is not a religion, but it does lend to tremendous spiritual-like feelings at times. When you eat a diet that is so simple, so close to nature, so different from how most everyone else eats, you can feel different in more ways than one. To be truthful, it’s felt like somewhat of a religious undertaking at times, some people have accused me trying to start ‘a cult diet’. Rather, my focus has been on eating with more instinct instead of being swayed by the marketing madness that drives our food choices and culture today. I try to think about food in an equal way that I desire to walk on my own 2 feet. I try to focus intensely on food that I eat as being something inherently natural, that goes beyond anything that I could learn, rather I just know is right. Raw vegetation as it’s made in nature, usually brightly colored, naturally beautiful, sweet, savory and full of water:Fruit! It’s more naturally pleasing and satiating than anything else that I’ve eaten as food. Fruitarianism isn’t just for naturalist and environmentalist. It also attracts elitists, and people who are selfishly looking to have only the best things in their lives. The diet seems to attract a lot of people either looking for the Garden of Eden or even some form of diet immortality. Sorry to break the news, but fruitarianism will not (I repeat) NOT give you immortality, nor will it guarantee you extra years of life or fortune. No diet will give you that, no matter how local, organic or ripe your fruit is, it’s not going to save your life forever! Whatever your motivation is to change your diet, I believe fruit will make you happier and healthier. I’ve experienced fantastic health and vitality since adopting a fruitarian diet. I’ve become almost super-human when compared to the standard population in both physical, mental and emotional strengths. I can’t emphatically recommend a fruitarian diet more, I really believe in it, it’s been a rebirth-of-sorts for me, and I want others to experience the same.

So what do I eat?

Living in New York City I am spoiled beyond measure at what options I can choose from. This is the absolute best time in human history to practice a fruitarian diet! No matter what time of year it is, I have seasonal fruit from every part of the world to choose from. And although living in New York is a major benefit, most other medium size cities now have tremendous diversity like never before as well. Here are the priority order I prefer in choosing the raw fruits and vegetables I eat:


Aka: Taste, texture, & water content: Soggy Pizza is horrible! And so are crappy apples! It has to be peak quality, or I won’t eat it… call me a fruit snob. The greatest tasting black mission figs are the greatest fruit (actually a flower) on earth when they are in peak quality. When I can get them in their peak, I will eat literally pounds and pounds of them as a meal in itself. What makes fruits and vegetables most healthy and best tasting is in one word: FRESHNESS! Dehydrated goji berries might rank high on a nutritional density chart, but if they aren’t FRESH (not dehydrated), they aren’t the best option. I believe very strongly in the food we eat being very high in natural water content.

#2 there are a lot of number 2’s:

-organic vs grown with known harmful chemicals -local vs imported from the other side of the world -price (I try not to look at price, as my health is my #1 priority) -shelf life (how long will the produce last before it starts to go bad) -can I carry, transport this much back to my house!?

How I eat:

I eat a lot! Like most animals in nature, I eat throughout the day. Grazing vs. meals is my preference. I eat simple! I eat like most animals in nature, I eat usually one thing at a time, until I feel satisfied, and then I natural stop eating. I eat for health! No other animal on the planet eats cooked or processed food except humans…and we can see what that’s done to our population now. If one is to look at other animal species living in a natural setting we would agree that those animals all have very similar physical abilities and body compositions. Whereas, humans as a species have developed sick dysfunctional diet and lifestyle habits. With our physical limitations largely due to our ever eroding unnatural diet. I’ve chosen to eliminate foods that aren’t made in nature, exclusively by nature, in their natural state. Right now at the time of this writing, it’s December in New York, and I have the most incredible Satsuma oranges that are probably 30% of my daily diet right now. Strawberry papaya is another 20% of my daily diet over the last few weeks, and the remaining 50% being split between various leafy greens, Russian pomegranates, a multitude of tomato varieties, bell peppers, persimmons, pineapple, Asian pears, honeydew, durian, celery, cucumbers, and dates.

But, I’ve also had various moments in the last 5 years since adopting a fruitarian diet when I wasn’t eating things purely raw fruits and vegetables. I’ve tried raw fish, clams and oysters a number of times in both curiosity and the ever evading issue of the B12 nutrient. I’ve had a few marshmallows over the living room fire place with my kids. I’ve also had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coca cola, loads of maltodextrin energy gels and even ramin noodle soup in a few of my 100 mile ultra marathon races. I’ve yet to eat cheese, chicken or red meat for many many years, and have absolutely no desire or intention to ever eat so again. I’ve also had times in the last 5 years when I’ve made less than optimal health choices, such as: – Poor quality air living in New York City – Less than sufficient sleep – Incredible emotional stress running a business and raising 3 young children – And more…

The message here: I focus on the macro principles that bring me great satisfaction and health in my life each day: A Fruitarian Diet Lots of Exercise Sufficient Sleep Good Relationships Like what you’re reading so far? Want more details and beyond? My forthcoming book ‘Fruit IS Fast Food’ will have it all, I promise. I’ve been working on it for a better part of the last 5 years, and I plan on delivering something good! I appreciate the support of my many fans for encouraging me to make my life and lifestyle more and more public. My greatest hope is that others will experience the quality of life that I have as a fruitarian. An Apple A Day…Is not Enough! – Michael Arnstein

Health Is Wealth!
Fruit is a slice of heaven on earth.
Michael Arnstein, Fruitarian. Finishing the Spartathlon in Greece, a 153 Mile Ultra Marathon


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