by Michael Arnstein

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What Diet Offers Immortality?

A lot of people are obsessed with how to live as long as possible. Most people evaluate a diet based on how long it can make them live.

What I think a lot of people are missing is the importance of ‘level of health’ over duration. I want to feel fantastic today and I want to feel fantastic tomorrow, and the next day, and a fruitarian diet gives me peak health at every meal, every moment of every day!

If I had to choose between a long long life with so-so health, over a life of peak health everyday but that was cut short due to some contraction of a rare illness or get into an accident — I’d much sooner choose a life of peak health and vitality. A life of compromised health is not living, I want to feel fantastic right now! That is what is important in my view. If I can have 85 years of perfect peak health where I never have a virus, a cold or a cough, where I don’t have to go see doctors, where I never miss work or the opportunity to do something active – to me that is worth everything over living to a 106 years and arriving safely to some nursing home to be spoon fed some kind of pureed crap. I’ve reached peak health and vitality every single day since adopting a fruitarian diet! I AM LIVING NOW.


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