by Michael Arnstein

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The Key to Maintaining Your Social Life on The Fruitarian Diet

I still love to be social, after all I am human! Most social situations and gatherings are around eating in a group. The modern sick diets that exist in all cultures today allow for little chance in not drawing in attention from others when you are seen only eating fruit or raw vegetables.

It can be very frustrating and uncomfortable to have people constantly ask you to try foods that you don’t want to eat, or be questioned on ‘why are you only eating the veggie sticks?’

My best advice and experience is to talk about anything but diet. If you are in a social situation you are likely to be talking to people who are not interested in eating for health. If you start telling them about your high level of vitality and revolution in life since adopting a far better diet of natural whole raw foods, you will be clearly letting them know that you think they are not well, or that you’re better than them. Try to talk about anything but diet, if you must — tell them you are an athlete and need to eat light for an upcoming race, or that you have dietary allergies and want to be safe with nothing but natural whole raw fruits and vegetables. If someone is truly interested in obtaining your glow, health and vitality — you’ll see it as a real sincerity and then you can make the choice to give them your time. Your health and peace of mind is very important to maintain. Don’t let your conversations at every social gathering be about your diet, it will eventually eat away at you and you’ll begin to avoid social situations which is not healthy either.


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