by Michael Arnstein

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The Fruitarian Interview by Dole Nutrition Institute

In June of 2011 Dole executives asked me to come to their world headquarters in Los Angeles so they could talk to me more about my efforts in promoting a raw fruit and vegetable based diet.

Dole Fruit is the largest company in the world selling fresh fruit and vegetables. CEO David Murdock has made Dole the leader in promoting better health through nature’s diet. I applaud their efforts in putting so much of their bottom line into research and promotion through the many new divisions that have been created inside their organization.  I was incredibly impressed with the Dole Nutrition Institute which was created solely for the purpose of researching the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Dole is taking on McDonald’s, Kraft and even the USDA in showing the world that the best options for health are found in what mother nature has provided for billions of years.


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