by Michael Arnstein

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The Badwater 135 & Vermont 100! 235 Miles in 6 Days!

What’s it going to take to prove to your doctor, nutritionist, trainer, coach, spouse, partner, friends, parent, kids or even yourself that a fruitarian diet works!?

If you need some ammunition to any of the naysayers that say… ‘that diet is dangerous’ or ‘doesn’t work’ … just ask if they can run 235 miles in less than 6 days! Fruit Powah! Fruit! A better source of carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals and health! The video below documents my experience running 135 miles across Death Valley California in the middle of the summer. 120F temperatures, 135 miles and 31 hours later, I reached the finish line of this legendary race. Next was the Vermont 100 mile race… IN THE SAME WEEK! Here’s how I got it done!


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