by Michael Arnstein

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Taking the Leap – Fruitarian Transition Tips

1. Get rid of everything in your possession in your house, at your job, and in your car, that is not either a fresh fruit or a vegetable. Alternatively, use everything up and don’t replace it anymore. 2. Find the source of the best tasting fruits in your area. High quality fruit is expensive — but not necessarily if you shop around! Find a wholesaler or talk to farmers at the farmers market; when they realize how much fruit you’re going to buy they’ll give amazing deals! Just because it’s organic or expensive doesn’t mean it’s really tasty so at this stage, focus on obtaining fruits that you enjoy the most. Try it before you buy it! Don’t buy a case of something that just looks good — taste it and make sure it’s amazing! 3. Realize that you need to eat at least as many calories, (and likely much more if you are going to be active!), than what you ate on cooked food. Download a free calorie counting tool — Cronometer at and track your caloric intake for at least one week making sure that you are eating enough food. Remember – overweight long term fruitarians don’t exist. 4. Dinner time is the most challenging. Be prepared. The best preparation is done during the day when you have to make sure to eat most of your required caloric intake. 5. Make friends with bananas. They are inexpensive and available all year around. Eat as many bananas as you need in the evening time to get a sedative effect similar to that of cooked food. They will calm you down, suppress cravings, and help you to fall asleep. 6. Dates are extremely dense food with intense, concentrated flavor. In the same time they are very low in fat. Stock up on high quality dates directly from organic farms such as Date People (phone # 760-359-3211) or Bautista Family Organic Dates (phone # 760-396-2337). Use them as a heavy weapon during dinner time. Make sure that you clean your teeth thoroughly afterwards. 7. Try thinly sliced apples with some cinnamon on them. Cinnamon has a calming effect on the nervous system. 8. If after trying all of the above suggestions, you still feel unbalanced, unsatisfied, and craving cooked foods in the evening, then go to avocados. Don’t overdo it – too much fat can make you quite sick in the short as well as in the long run. I suggest that you eat 1 medium ripe avocado every day at around 5pm, as if you are taking a medicine. It will give you the sedative effect that you are missing. Then, later in the evening, you can follow it up with some bananas and dates, and you will be good for the day. 9. If at this stage in your life you feel that you can’t eat only raw fruits and vegetables, than commit to eating either two or even just one meal a day consisting of your favorite fruit. Let it be the first one or two meals, so that you eat your fruit before you eat anything else. This change alone will have a revolutionary effect on your health. 10. Join me at fruitarian forum. It is a source of unlimited support and inspiration from experienced hard-core fruitarians, where you can ask all your questions and receive real answers.


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