by Michael Arnstein

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Q + A with Michael Arnstein, Fruitarianism, Ultra Running & The Woodstock Fruit Festival

Here's an interview taken at the 2012 Woodstock Fruit Festival

Q: 0:04 Paint a picture of where your life was before you changed your diet, what was your life like before you ate a fruitarian diet.

Q: 0:46 Can you describe what it was like the first time you ran for a really long distance, in competition or otherwise, what was going on at that time… what was that experience like?

Q: 1:55 Regarding your diet then… what changed?

Q: 3:41 You also answered the question sort of what drives you to extremes I would say… if I could use that word? Well, I mean, could you talk about that in terms of…

Q: 7:11 Why don’t more people know about this diet?..In your opinion, because it’s all speculative…. my sense is that people just doubt it because it’s different or for cultural reasons or that they don’t trust the science or “doctors”…. what is this about, why don’t more people know?

Q: 8:54 Why do some people react so strongly (against fruitarianism) as they do?

Q: 11:43 People’s reactions maybe based on culture but they will say ‘oh, don’t you know that sugar is bad for you’ or any number of reasons… again they may just repeating what they are told, but what is the tipping point for people that are in the ‘establishment’ who um, you know, to realize this…

Q: 14:20 The idea that things are too complex for current knowledge to sort of understand…. I could see that definitely, you know to be a possibility, But theoretically don’t you think that like if science progress’s the way it will it will prove what you are saying is right, I mean there is a way to understand that there must be a way. I mean, can you speak to that just because inside-outside world just hearing you talk about that makes you more credible to the general masses

Q:17:26 The Woodstock Fruit Festival, take me to the genesis of this idea. Why have you started this? Tell me from the beginning. What made you think to do this?

Q: 22:23 Can you talk about the (fruit festival speakers/presenters) ‘Pioneers’… the concept of being a pioneer before the community existed and why they are here (at the festival).

Q: 24:08 Can you also comment on the kids here …Cappi (who is a fruitarian raised child at the festival) is on a fruit diet since birth. Can you comment on that?

Q: 26:48 I wanted to ask you about your family, does your family eat a fruit based diet? Tell us about that…

Q: 27:15 I’m curious because I live in New York and fruit is so expensive, and this is probably a question you get, … like how do you get it, do it?


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