by Michael Arnstein

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Grazing vs. Meals on the Fruitarian Diet

Grazing all day solved many problems that I experienced trying to eat very large volumes of fruit or vegetables when I first started out on a Fruitarian diet.

As an athlete I usually require 4000-6000+ calories a day in the form of fresh fruit and some vegetables. To try and eat this many calories in only 3 meals a day requires ingesting a huge amount of food. I don’t enjoy feeling like I am going to explode from eating so much, nor do I enjoy feeling tired or sedated after a massive meal. I find that eating in smaller quantities all day long is more natural, more manageable, and more enjoyable. My emotional thinking about eating large meals is too closely related to my associations with eating cooked foods. The evolution of a cooked food diet in our society is heavily tied in with having large meals at one time. It is interesting to note that in nature most carnivorous animals eat meals, whereas most herbivorous animals graze all day long. I believe eating a lot of food at once is as unnatural for us as eating cooked and processed foods. I don’t think there is anything wrong with sharing food in a group with others, but having social interactions with others being based on stuffing yourself is unhealthy no matter what type of food you are eating. By eating all day long in moderation I don’t find myself as hungry in the evening hours. I don’t go to sleep with a very full stomach and have to get up and go to the bathroom often during the night. I sleep much better this way, and I am more stable emotionally. I don’t ever experience strong hunger pains or find myself moody from lack of calories. By grazing all day I make sure I never go without enough calories needed to fuel my athletic pursuits, I don’t get dehydrated and I feel good all day long.


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