by Michael Arnstein

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Gourmet Raw – Just a few Steps Away from the Standard American Diet

A lot of raw foodists want to know what’s wrong with avocados, what’s wrong with nuts and seeds, what’s wrong with oils, what’s wrong with vinegar, what’s wrong with wine. These things are raw. They are not cooked. They are all natural and full of enzymes!

Well, I’ve experienced eating a diet of high fat raw foods and I’ve experienced eating a diet of low fat raw foods – basically just fruits and vegetables. And I can tell you that there is a MAJOR difference.

If you are eating high fat raw foods that are made from nuts and seeds, oils, salt, spices, dehydrated foods, these foods are trying to imitate the feeling and the taste of cooked foods. Well, if it looks like a pizza and tastes like a pizza, you can rest assured that it will digest like a pizza.


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