by Michael Arnstein

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Fruitarianism in a Cold Climate

A lot of people complain about cold weather and how it creates difficulties in maintaining a fruit based diet.

I am not disagreeing that cold climates can create challenges, but I do think you have a choice in how you respond to the challenge. I love the various climates on planet earth. I love the 120F temperatures in the desert, and I love the -30F temps that I’ve experienced climbing mountains in the dead of winter. I love the various elements but my diet doesn’t change for them. I still prefer frozen bananas over granola bars! The winter months bring out the best citrus of the whole year, not even mentioning pomegranates and persimmons. We live in a world and age where all year long we have good options to chose from. Making excuses about climate and temperature is not a good enough reason to go back to cooked addictive foods that will always compromise your health and vitality. I embrace the winter, I look forward to it. I also love the spring, summer and fall. I love all that the natural world has to offer, and I love it more when eating a fruitarian diet.


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