by Michael Arnstein

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Fruitarianism and Sex Drive

When I became a fruitarian I experienced countless physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

One very interesting observation that I noticed was that my lust or sexual urges had subsided. When I stopped eating overt fats completely and my body fat settled between 3-5% I clearly acknowledged that I had sound control over sexual desires.

For most of my life I thought it was natural to have almost undeniable moments of lust that were at times uncontrollable. I believed that it was normal to look at beautiful women as sexual objects first, and their other skills or intelligence second. Like most men that I would talk to, sex was an act of necessity, rather than an expression of love and intimacy. After giving up hormone fed animal products, processed high fat foods, overt raw fat foods and I lost most of my stored body fat I witnessed a radical change in my sexual thinking and bodily urges. I am now in complete control over my mental, emotional and physical desires when it comes to sexual activity. I no longer find myself preoccupied with lustful thinking or viewing women as objects at times. This is a fantastic benefit and freedom that I embrace tremendously as a man eating a fruitarian diet. I am not missing out on sex, rather I believe I am experiencing a more natural, healthy and stable state of sexual desires. I love my wife, we have intimacy that is founded on caring and loving each other, and not uncontrolled selfish motives that I believe were heavily influenced by a poor high fat diet. A fruitarian diet will not lower your desires to cuddle, hug, and show great affection towards each other, in fact I believe fruitarianism brings out the best in true love for one another.


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