by Michael Arnstein

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Fruitarian Begginers: What To Do When You Crash and Burn.

I’ve crashed and burned many times while trying to learn how to stick with a fruitarian diet.

It’s ok to crash and burn if you learn from your mistakes. Some of the best experiences and things that I’ve learned have been from a crash and burn. In almost all cases I wasn’t eating enough healthy options. I either didn’t have them prepared, or I didn’t have them on hand, or I went out to places where there weren’t any healthy options and I was hungry. What you need to realize is that you can’t put yourself in this kind of situation.

Overtime, as you get better in eating a diet comprised of raw fruits and vegetables, you can actually be in a situation where you are hungry and there are no healthy options but you will not eat any bad food. If you don’t eat crap food for a long period of time, you just don’t have the cravings for it anymore. But if you just started in fruitarianism – you need to make sure you have healthy options before you are put in a situation where there are no healthy options.

If you do crash and burn — it’s very important not to incinerate yourself! Just get back on high quality fruits and in 24 hours you will have the whole new outlook on yourself.


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