by Michael Arnstein

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Fruit Magic: Positive Attitude. Change your diet – change your life. Think positive!

One of the unexpected benefits of a fruitarian diet is the change in your outlook on life.

When I was eating processed foods – I had a lot of ups and downs. Very often I didn’t have a stable state of mind. If I ate stimulating foods – I would feel energetic, but later I would feel really tired. When I craved foods – I felt agitated. If I ate foods that I didn’t want to eat – I was in a bad mood afterwards. If you eat nature’s food – fruit, no matter how your day is going, — you just can’t feel angry. You start feeling this internal self-love. You just feel good. Not only physically, but emotionally , morally – you just have a positive attitude. I can’t tell you more about it – you need to experience it for yourself. Sure, there is a period of detoxification and transition. You might have a difficult time getting through it. I certainly did. But once you get through it – you will feel good inside all the time. Eat a high fruit diet – you will be happier.


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