by Michael Arnstein

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Food Addiction is Real! Fruitarianism – a Life of Freedom!

Eating today is often done not for survival and nourishment. We associate our meals with our culture, comfort, entertainment, stimulation, reward, and even romance.

A lot of people think that raw vegans or fruitarians have given up a significant amount of pleasure in their lives. Well, during a period of transition and withdrawal you might find the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables less intense and stimulating than the taste of cooked food full of salt, sugar and seasonings. But after a while you will find that you experience the same intensity of enjoyment if not more so eating ripe juicy fruits. The difference is that you will feel great physically, emotionally and spiritually before, during and after your meals.

After eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for a significantly long period of time (probably about a year), there will come a day when you will stop associating any other substances with edible food. That is, when you walk into a supermarket or a deli store, you will literally not pay any attention to or think about anything else but the produce section. It’s as if you quit smoking a long time ago, and don’t notice cigarette racks any more. There are no vegetarians who feel sad about not eating meat. There are no former drug addicts who don’t feel joy realizing that they are free from drugs. There are no fruitarians who don’t feel intense pleasure eating ripe organic fruit. Give your body and your mind a chance to experience the freedom and pure ecstasy of eating beyond food addiction.


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