by Michael Arnstein

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FAQ about my Club Fed Visit

Frequently Asked Questions about why I was sent to a Federal Camp

What did I do?
See this section of my website:

How long was I sentenced?
I was sentenced to 9 months in a ‘Camp’ which is similar to a ‘summer camp’ environment, but with less ‘fun’.
There are about 110 men all non-violent offenders, all white collar guys.
The camp life is pretty busy, all the inmates ‘run’ the place, kitchen, landscaping, daily living stuff.
There are no bars, fence, guards with guns, it’s about as ‘nice’ a place you can get sent to.

I could serve as little as 4 months, or as much as 8, but it’s unlikley I will be there for a full 9 months.

When I get out I have 5 months of home detention, but I can still go to work each day and exercise daily outside.
I’ll have a gps bracelt on and need permission to do stuff outside of week day work hours.

Where am I going exactly?
The Camp is located in Otisville NY.  About 2 hours from Manhattan

Can I visit?
Yes, and no.  I have to put down approved visitors, and then the visitor can apply to come to the facility.  The process can take a few weeks I’m told, but then after you’re approved you can visit often.
I’m allowed visitors a few times a week or almost every other day if visitors come M-F when it’s not that busy.

Can I send you anything?
Letters or email. Anything else has to be approved in advance.

I’ll have a camp email address, I can use that regularly, but no attachments or pictures can be sent through the system.

What’s life like at the Camp?
Well I’ve heard lots about it, some really good things like lots of time to read, exercise and learn new things. They have classes and activities all the time I’m told.
Lots of bad stuff, like not much fresh fruit!  I’ll be eating lots of potatoes and cooked vegetables I’m told.  But I  can run for hours a day, so I’ll surely be getting in top shape.
I will write lots more about this in my blog posts.



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