by Michael Arnstein

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Exercise Each Day As If Your Life Depends On It!

This is my daily exercise routine; my run to work is my run to keep my health!

I live 15 miles from my office in Midtown New York City. Each day I get to work by foot — I run to work! Exercise is one of the most important parts of my life, if I don’t exercise daily I just don’t feel good. Having a tangible reason and benefit to running to work takes the mental pressure out of my mind on whether I will make time for exercise or not each day. I have to get to work, so I have to run, it’s simple, it’s routine, it’s a better life and lifestyle. When I’m training for ultra marathons I run home too! Running ‘double’ workouts is another secret to my success in staying injury free, being accomplished in the ultra distance races, and keeping mental burnout at bay. If you can work your exercise into your daily routine so it has a tangible use and benefit then you’ll have developed an important lifestyle habit that will improve all other areas of your life. No excuses! You can commute to work too! Instal a shower at your office. Take a sponge bath in the bathroom. Shower and change at a local gym. Run home from work at the end of the day and shower at home, do it, you can make it happen! “Exercise each day as if your life depends on it” — Dr. Douglas Graham


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