by Michael Arnstein

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Essie Honiball – the mother of modern day fruitarianism

In 1957, Essie Honiball was dying of tuberculosis. During this time, she was introduced to the fruit diet, which saved her life.

Today, more that 50 years later at the age of 86, Essie is still promoting the benefits of a fruit diet.

Her iconic book “I Live on Fruit”, which has been reprinted numerous times since the first edition was released in 1979, has been revised and updated in 2010, by author Essie Honiball’s longtime friend and editor, Johan Nel, and now published as “I Live on Fruit — TODAY.” Johan, who was fascinated by Essie’s life story when he first heard it, published “I Live on Fruit” in 1979, when no other publisher was prepared to take it on. To read more about the book, you can visit:


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