by Michael Arnstein

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100 Miles in 12hrs 57mins!

This is my experience running 100 miles at the 2012 Desert Solstice 100 Mile. This was my final competitive carrier race in the sport of ultra-running.

My goal was to break 13 hours and make the top 10 American all-time list in the 100 mile distance. The weather (ice cold pouring rain) didn’t cooperate well and it seemed like an impossible goal to achieve even after 60 miles at goal pace. Yet with 30 miles remaining and the ice cold pouring rain ending, I took risks and pushed myself beyond any rational logic; literally running many 6:05-6:30 minute miles; mile after mile, 80, 85, 90, 95 and all the way to the finish. I ran the last marathon distance of the 100 miles in under 3 hours (possibly the fastest closing marathon distance ever in a 100 mile race); just barley reaching my goal in a climatic finish! It was the stuff dreams are made of….. Fruitarianism was a big part of my 7 competitive years in the sport. I credit my sustainability (racing nearly every weekend for months on end), lack of injury or illness to the natural foods that we are designed to thrive on. Fruits as a primary source of my calories helped me reach all my goals. I never could have dreamed up some of my achievements; and I have fruitarianism to thank. Running 6 minute miles after 80+ miles in a 100 mile race…IS natural when you are a fruitarian! FRUIT IS FAST FOOD! At the time of my running 12:57, it ranked as the 9th fastest ever at the 100 mile distance in North America (8th fastest American ever, and 6th Fastest American time on a TRACK (vs Road or trail surface).


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