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The Natural Sapphire Company

Walter Arnstein, my grandfather started in the gemstone industry as a door to door salesman in 1939.  Walter Arnstein Inc. was a wholesale gemstone import company which my father Seymour Arnstein joined in the mid 1970’s.

My grandfather, grandmother and father kept their humble yet well known company in the New York diamond district of 47th Street for 60 years making excellent relationships with the local dealer community.

In 1997 when I was attending Rutgers University in New Jersey, I worked part time as a traveling salesman, old school, knocking-on-doors of retail jewelry stores.
This was before there was much of any internet. No one had email, there wasn’t such a thing as a GPS or digital cameras.  Paper maps and pay-phones were part of everyday efforts to track down jewelry stores to visit.  Progress was painfully slow, traveling door to door was often a complete waste of time.

But I was learning and looking for technology to make this process a lot more efficient.
Then came the dot-com era where suddenly the world became a lot more efficient.

The internet, digital cameras and cell phones created transformative business opportunities, and I went for it.

I left college and started my own business since my father thought no-one would ever buy gemstones on the internet.

No-one in the industry thought I was right about gemstones and jewelry selling on the internet.
They were correct, as many major venture capital projects came and failed over the years.
I was smaller and self funded, we learned from other people’s mistakes and kept improving and growing steadily.

The mainstream internet continued to develop, we slowly slowly developed traction and started building our own software systems.
Each year things would improve, the internet speeds were beginning to reach levels of practical use and the masses were coming online.

Soon it was clear that we needed to move from wholesale to direct-to-consumer.
We learned how to manufacture jewelry, creating a fully vertical company from mine-to-market, direct to consumers.

That long journey that still continues today.  The Natural Sapphire Company was the first main website and business enterprise.  Then we shared our software systems with many of our industry friends creating a b2d marketplace in 47thst.comInstagem, our award winning 360-digital media software was created over painstaking efforts and years of trial and error. was our first expansion into the green world Emeralds, and then we launched

In 2024 we launched yet another business The Natural Gemstone Company which offers more than 30 semi-precious gemstones; and in 2025 we are working towards The Natural Diamond Company.

Other business development projects outside of the gemstone industry include a boutique hotel in Woodstock New York.

And what could be one of the most passionate business adventures to date, The Ratnapura Gem Mountain Resort ( is well underway.

We started as a one-man-show, knocking on doors peddling gemstones, now nearly 30 years later we are team of over 100 dedicated talented professionals who care about their jobs, each other and our customers.

Innovation, hard work, and knowing what your customer wants is our daily focus and goal.

Fine finest quality emeralds on the one and only  Search Find & Create your one of a kind Emerald ring.

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The New York jewelry and gemstone district has been centered on 47th Street in New York City for almost 100 years. is a business to business trade portal for trade members.

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Our award winning 360 media and visual marketing has been perfected over 10 years using the highest quality hardware and software meeting together in one program that we self created called Instagem.

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