My Family

My wife Victoria and I have 3 children, Sam, Nancy & Charlotte.

Social media can be an entertaining way to share family and social experiences, I’ve chosen to limit social media in my life due to my busy lifestyle. On this page I’ve shared some pictures of family and friends. Scroll down to learn about the book I wrote with my son on our home schooling experience.

My son Sam finishing his round the world trip at 16 years old


A Home Schooling Adventure Story

When Sam was 14 years old he and I decided to enter a homeschooling adventure together. Over a 3+ year period Sam and I worked together to grow from distant father-son relationship, to the best of friends and enriching each other’s lives greatly. BearZilla is the culmination of Sam’s experience undertaking the ultimate homeschool challenge. An original, once in a lifetime experience of Sam’s solo trip around the world at just 16 years old.

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